The prices indicated in the price list are indicative. The final cost of services we can determine based on the results of the preliminary consultation.

Consultations are free of charge.

In the case of winning a court, you are entitled to reimbursement of legal expenses.

Litigation costs

How it works?

Comprehensive legal support

Cooperation with lawyers “HILKO” is always beneficial!

It’s no secret that error correction is always more expensive than warning them. We do not want to make money on your problems, we want to help you avoid them. That is why we did not begin to develop tariff packages for legal services, but we offer you to form it for yourself.
How does it work?

1. We conclude an agreement with you on legal services. The contract contains a price list for each service.

2. By agreement with you, we set the amount of the amount, more services are not paid. For example, the amount of the limit is 2000 UAH. in a month, you used services for the amount of 2500 UAH., but you pay the same 2000 UAH. Or if you used the services for 500 UAH., Then you pay – 500 UAH.

3. We also set the period through which the prices for services are reviewed.
At the level of the result, you get legal support from an enterprise with the ability to bear the cost of services only when you need them.